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This special page shows all uploaded files. When filtered by user, only files where that user uploaded the most recent version of the file are shown.

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descDate Name Thumbnail Size User Description Versions
09:52, 20 February 2015MarcotteLab GroupPhoto.jpeg (file)153 KBTaejoonKwonWith Jag, and Claire-without-a-gap8
10:08, 19 February 2015Taejoon profile.jpg (file)6 KBTaejoonKwon 3
12:16, 19 December 2013Yellman profile.jpg (file)11 KBTaejoonKwon 2
12:15, 19 December 2013Ophelia profile.jpg (file)13 KBTaejoonKwon 2
12:59, 24 February 2013Amount of RNAseq.2013feb.jpg (file)90 KBTaejoonKwonAmount of RNA-seq data used in Xenopus genome sequencing project (Feb. 2013)1