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Marcotte lab


Welcome to Marcotte Lab Internal Wiki.

  • You need to have lab computer account to access this wiki. If you have, login here.
  • You can find our public information at our public wiki.
  • If you are new member in our lab, please read General Info Page first.


How to become Marcottian

  1. Contact Edward first, and get Edward's approval.
  2. Ask Alisha for the lab key. You may get a piece of paper (request form) from MBB front desk later. After then, visit 'SER' building(, and get the key. More info.
  3. Ask Marci for lab computer account.
  4. Ask Marci (or Taejoon) for adding your email address into group mailing list.
  5. Read here (Orientation & training manual). After then, print out the sign-up sheet at the bottom, sign it, and turn it into Alisha.
  6. Read all the other pages on Category:General.

Wet Lab

Computational Tools

See Category:InSilico for more pages related to computational biology.

Yeast Libraries

System Administration

More Computing Resources